We will make a personalized study of your proposal, analyzing meticulously its details from all points of view: characteristics of your products and the raw materials to be used, needs of storage, production and quality control, aspects related to the security and the environment, implementation times, logistic questions, etc.

On the basis of that, we will present to you a project of industrial collaboration to the exact measure of your needs, what assures the perfect implementation of it, and the total achievement of your objectives under conditions of highest profitability for your business.

Within the context of this Project, we will design and carry out those performance plans that meet better the needs of your company, in order to provide to you a full warranty of quality and effectiveness.

In addition to the range of services shown, we will study any other industrial service, or variant of some of the ones indicated already, that you would propose to us.

Finally, PROQUICESA Toll Manufacturing Division is committed to maintain in the strictest confidentiality all the aspects inherent to your company, and to your products, to which we could have access as a result of our industrial relation with you, which will be based in any case upon an accurate Agreement of Collaboration, where will be contained with total precision the terms on which this collaboration will be founded.

In synthesis, we offer you to put in practice your ideas in the most efficient and profitable way, putting to your service all our experience and resources, so that you only have to take care of commercializing your products.