Since the beginning of 2003 PROQUICESA operates an Environmental Management System, which complies with the requirements of the Norm ISO-14001:1996. It is granted for BSI-British Standards Institution (Certificate nº: EMS 73420), and it has the scope of: Research, Development, and Manufacturing of Chemical Additives for the Industry of Cement.

Thanks to this EMS we have an accurately structured system, totally integrated in the global management of the company, which allows us to control the environmental impact of our actions, products and services, and to prevent the contamination derived from our activity as chemical products manufacturer. 

This EMS is yearly reviewed and renewed, in order to achieve our commitment of continuous improvement, and it gathers the Environmental Policy & Objectives of the company, the Environmental Management Manual, and the whole of Environmental Procedures and Records.

In January of 2018 our EMS was adapted to the requirements of the Norm ISO-14001:2015.