Conscious of the damage on the environment that causes the action of the human being, and of the importance of its preservation and protection from all spheres of the society, PROQUICESA took the decision of establish an strict Environmental Policy, solidly integrated in the global management of the company, as a relevant respect of our industrial activity.

It allows us to identify, control and minimize to the outmost the impact of our activities, products and services on the environment, so preventing the contamination derived from our activity as chemical products manufacturer. That Environmental Policy is based upon the following principles: 

  • To watch over the permanent fulfillment of the environmental laws, regulations and norms in force, applicable to the activities of our company.
  • To keep a firm commitment with the environment by the reduction and proper management of the residues and emissions, and in general by the prevention of the contamination derived from all of our actions.
  • To establish objectives of environmental care, which even involve the formulation of our additives, in order to develop environmental careful products.
  • To yearly review and renew those objectives and to establish new ones, according to the evolution of our company, since the firm commitment of continuous improvement in this field.
  • To inform about the Environmental Policy&Objectives of the company to our personnel, and to follow training programs in order to raise the conscience of PROQUICESA´s whole team on this field.
  • To transmit our commitment of environmental care and continuous improvement to our suppliers and customers.