With close to forty years of experience, and its full specialization in the field of cement additives, enriched with a wide experience also as concrete admixtures manufacturer, nowadays PROQUICESA has a leader technology and a top innovation power in this referred field of the cement additives, thanks to its permanent search of new and more advanced products.

We count currently with one of the most complete range of cement additives of the international market, all of them based on leading formulations which provide these additives with the highest performance qualities.

Last generation grinding aids and additives with a powerful enhancing effect on cement early and/or late compressive strengths, for all kind of cements, grinding aids with additional effect on the setting times, additives for the grinding of the cement crude, reducers of kilns SO2 emissions, and many others, included our revolutionary low viscosity liquid additive reducer of Chromium (VI) in cements, recently developed.

All of that, joint to our optimum skill and capacity for the design and development of additives made to measure of the specific needs of each cement plant, makes PROQUICESA capable to face with top guaranties any potential challenge raised by a cement producer, and provide him with a top efficient and competitive technical solution.