From its production centers located in the region of Madrid (Spain), PROQUICESA offers several ways of supply, adapting to each one of our customers’ needs, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency in the supply and competitiveness of our products. Our delivery options include the following:

  • 24 MT bulk tanks (ground transportation).Theroad transport through bulk tanks pulled by trucks is the most common way of supply for those customers located in the Iberian Peninsula or in countries near to it. Its main advantages are, the 24-48 hour delivery guarantee, plus the maximum cost-effectiveness of logistical costs. Moreover, this way of supply allows loading several different products on a single shipment through a compartmentalized tank.

            Main characteristics and advantages of transport by bulk tanks of 24 MT


  • Flexitank: This option is the most widespread for the sea transport of our products to countries located outside the European continent. The flexitanks have a capacity of 20000-24000 liters.These flexible bags allow transforming conventional 20 feet maritime containers into a safe and efficient bulk liquid transport system. This way of supply has advantages such as, easy handling, they are disposable avoiding the costs of return, plus maximum cost-effectiveness of logistical costs for sea transportation and optimal use of the space available in the ship container.

            Main characteristics and advantages of transport by Flexitank


  • Isotank. The isotank is a tank made of stainless steel with dimensions of 6 m long by 2.4 m wide and 2.4-2.5 m high, according to the ISO 6346 standard. The use of isotanks for transportation of our additives can ensure transport safety, easy filling and emptying, as well as reduce waste at the emptying process. This transport system is similar to conventional tank truck transport, with the exception of allowing intermodal and sea transport of the cargo. Thus, it is available for regular supplies in bulk by sea to destinations close to the Iberian Peninsula, such as the Canary Islands or North Africa.

             Main characteristics and advantages of transport by Isotank


  • IBC (intermediate bulk container) or GRG. These are 1000 liter containers widely used for the storage and transport of liquid products. The supply of our additives through these containers is done by grouping several IBC containers.This format is widely used for the specific shipments of small quantities of additive (1 or 2 containers) whose purpose is to carry out industrial tests.However, it can happen that the cement customer does not have a silo in his plant to house the grinding aid. In such a case, these containers allow at least temporarily to replace the absence of a storage tank. Thus, despite being an option that is economically less competitive than those previously showed, We can carry out the regular supply of our additives through packaging them in this type of container (up to 21 IBCs per trailer or 40 'container supply) either by land (EU), maritime or intermodal transport (countries outside the EU).

              Main characteristics and advantages of transport by IBC