According to the increasing needs of the cement industry, PROQUICESA has developed a line of grinding aids / pack-set inhibitors of last generation, whose high technical properties make them fully able to provide the cement manufacturers with the maximum increase of production of their mills, and with the greatest energy costs savings. 

Thus, nowadays all the additives integrated in this product line have a high physical (tense-active) power, and are fully suitable to optimize the grinding process of any portland and other hydraulic cements. For that reason they are totally recommendable for any cement grinding, and doubly in the case of those cases with high consumption of energy, derived from the low grindability of the material and/or the demanded fineness.

With the use of these additives, besides getting important increases of the grinding process performance, the fluidity of cement will be remarkably increased, thus favoring all the later tasks of manipulation and transfer of this material (pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc.), which will be easier and more profitable.

All of them are fully stable liquid products (maintaining its properties around 1 year in the typical conditions of a cement plant), of simple storage (in conventional atmospheric sealed tanks) and dosage (traditional pumping system), and are not dangerous (classified as Xi-Irritating substances).