ADITOR® C is a family of products formed by coadjuvant grinding aids, specially designed for both the cement raw material grinding and several mineral admixtures (feldspar, limestone, quartz, silica and, in general, sand).

PROQUICESA´s ADITOR® C additives increase production of the mills, between a 10% and a 20%, based on the type of mineral and the characteristics of the raw materials, as well as on the dosage, and on the characteristics of plant´s equipment.

Provide a remarkable increase of the grinded mineral fluidity, notably reducing the tendency to agglomeration of the particles of this material, and the adherences to balls (coating), internals of the mill, silos, etc. It will favor the later tasks of pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc., making it more easy and profitable.

Optimize the granulometry of the grinded mineral (particles size distribution).


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