Its stronger physical (tense-active) effect allows these additives to perform a more powerful action during the grinding process of all kind of cements. These additives (PROQUICESA´s ADITOR® G) are specially recommended when very high increases of mills output are required (between 15% and 30%, based on the type of cement and the characteristics of the raw materials, as well as on the dosage and on plant´s equipment), and in cases of grinding processes with high consumption of energy, derived from the low grindability of the material and/or the demanded fineness.

They provide a remarkable increase of the fluidity of cement, notably reducing the tendency to agglomeration of the particles this material, and the adherences to balls (coating), internals of the mill, silos, etc. It will favor the later tasks of pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc., making it more easy and profitable. They optimize the granulometry of the cement (particles size distribution), which is translated in slight increases of its compressive strengths.

They improve the reological characteristics of the mortars and concretes elaborated with those cements, allowing lower water-cement ratios. And increase the compactness of these mortars and concretes, reducing its permeability to the water, improving its behavior in front of the ice, and enlarging its durability.


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