Additives with very high technical properties, engineered to optimize the grinding process of all kind of cements, and to provide simultaneously remarkable increases of cement compressive strengths. 

On the one hand, its strong physical (tense-active) effect will remarkably improve the grinding process performance, and the fluidity of cement, providing notable increases of mills output and energy costs saving, and favoring the tasks of pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc., of this material, making it more easy and profitable. And on the other hand, in addition to that the special chemical qualities of these additives will manage to substantially enhance the cement hydration capacity, thus increasing cement early and late strengths.

Its use is recommended for all type of cement, providing important increases of cement compressive strengths, what depending on the specific additive and its dosage, as well as on the type of cement, the characteristics of the raw materials employed, and the plant´s equipment, will oscillate between 2 and 7 MPa at 2 days, between 3 and 8 MPa at 7 days, and between 6 and 8 MPa at 28 days.

All of that will allow the cement manufacturers to implement some of the following measures, or combination of them:

  • Elevate their cements to a superior category.
  • Replace certain % of clinker by additions, without sacrifice the quality of cement.
  • Employ additions of lower quality, preserving the quality of cement.
  • Grind coarser, without loss strengths.

This line of strengths enhancer additives of PROQUICESA is nowadays probably the most qualified and competitive of the market.