In the context of our product line of cement strengths enhancers, in the last years there have acquired special relevance those ones which perform with special intensity on cement early strengths (PROQUICESA's ADITOR® R).

These additives provide increases of up to 6 MPa (at 2 days), based on its dosage, type of cement and raw materials employed (CK, GYP, additions), and plant´s characteristics and equipment.

Moreover, these additives remarkably improve the grinding process performance, by increasing mills output and providing important energy costs savings, and increase the fluidity of the cement, making more easy and profitable the operations of pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc.

Finally, the use of these additives will improve as well the reological characteristics of the mortars and concretes elaborated with those cements, allowing lower water-cement ratios, increasing its compactness, reducing its permeability to the water, and extending its life.


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Published in Cemento y Hormigón (Jun 12)