Our firm COMMITMENT OF QUALITY involves a permanent search of the excellence in all the slopes of our industrial activity, beginning by the different additives that we commercialized.

The definition, implantation and development of strict Plans and Objectives of Quality on the different functions and processes from the company, and the permanent pursuit and revision of such (within the framework of our System of Management of Quality ISO-9001), have a direct reflection on the end item, facing guaranteeing to the 100% its quality, stability and exact composition.

For that reason our Quality Control Program, as much of raw materials as of end item, not only is oriented to assure the total fulfillment on the part of our additives the legal specifications gathered in the Cement Norms (UNE-EN and ASTM), but that contemplate much more ambitious goals.

Thus, the quality standards that we impose to all and each one of our products are substantially more demanding and restrictive than the indicated ones in these Norms.

In PROQUICESA we maintain a strict POLICY OF ZERO DEFECTS, on the basis of which when an additive is expedited by our warehouse, for its supply to a cement plant, it has surpassed different quality controls throughout the different stages of its production process, and it is guaranteed to the cement manufacturer the absolute fulfillment of its engineering / quality specifications.