One of the characteristics which identify to all our additives is its absolute warranty of, stability, and exact composition supply after supply. In PROQUICESA we keep a strict POLICY OF ZERO DEFECTS, on the basis of which when an end item sample (Sample of Expedition) does not respond in a 100% to the established requirements of quality, it is automatically declared non fit for expedition, proceeding to his reprocessing.

When it happens (0% of cases in 2017) the traceability of our Quality Management System allows us to find the exact origin of that nonconformity, and to apply the suitable corrective measures.

The quality controls that take place in a systematic way on each Expedition Sample (end item) are: Color and physical aspect; pH and Density to 20ºC; Decanting solids; Dry residue to 105ºC; Chloride content; Viscosity to 20ºC and 40ºC; Boiling point; Freezing Point.

The physical - chemical parameters resultants of these quality control tests conducted on each expedition sample (end item) are facilitated to the client in each supply of additive, by means of a complete Certificate of Analysis of Quality Control.

In addition to the already indicated ones, periodically we also carry out other analyses, which provide a valuable complementary information to us: Infrared Spectrum of different product samples (PROQUICESA keeps all the samples during 6 months under controlled conditions); Microbiological Analyses of these product samples, Tests of Product Stability in adverse conditions, etc.

All our activities of quality control (of raw materials and end items) are fully computerized, and permanently controlled by statistical study 3-Sigma.