The process of manufacture of our additives is made by batches of production. On the basis of the capacity of the production unit where the manufacture process is carried out, there will be needed between 2 and 3 batches to fill one storage tank.

For that reason, after the manufacture of each batch, and before transfering it to the storage tank, is taken a sample that we designate as Batch Sample, and it is come to make in our laboratory a first series of quality control tests of the critical parameters of this sample.

If the batch sample does not fulfill to 100% the specifications of quality of the product, it is not authorized to be transferred to the storage tank, proceeding to its immediate reprocessing. This incidence is reflected in the corresponding Registries of Quality of Process, and it is analyzed until arriving at the origin of the problem, thanks to the full traceability of our Quality Management System ISO-9001, implementing automatically the suitable corrective measures.

If the batch sample fulfills the quality specifications of the product (100% of cases in 2012), it is already authorized its immediate transfer to the tank.

For the transfer operations of the different production batches to each one of our storage tanks, we use a system of product injection based on the inlet pressure of the fluid, thanks to which a turbulence in the interior of the tank is caused that guarantees the total homogenization of all the additive lodged in the tank.

Finally, once full a storage tank with the different batches of production transferred to it, we will proceed to a last taking of sample of this tank; Sample of Expedition, for its definitive analysis in our Quality Control Laboratory.