The quality assurance of our additives begins by a careful selection of the different raw materials that integrate their formulation, and the own quality of the same ones. For it, PROQUICESA has established strict criteria of selection and evaluation of suppliers (gathered in our Quality Management System ISO-9001), one of which it is based on its capacity to guarantee the supply of raw materials with certified quality.

So, each supply of raw materials comes accompanied of a Certificate of Analysis of Quality of the merchandise, like indispensable requirement for its entrance in our warehouse, and only in the case of fulfilling the established specifications the entrance is authorized.

Once there, different samples of the merchandise are taken on which our Quality Control Department will make a routine series of tests / analysis. The controlled parameters depend on the nature of each raw material: physical aspect, pH, density, equivalent weight, evaluation of the purity (by reactions of acid-base, yodimetry, gravimetry, photometry, redox), dry residue, IR spectrum, etc.

After these tests, and as long as the obtained results are satisfactory, the raw material is already authorized to be used in the production process. On the contrary, if these results reveal some anomaly not contemplated in the supplier Certificate of Analysis of Quality, the precise corrective measures will be adopted before their use in the manufacture of our additives, and the detected nonconformity is registered in the corresponding Registry of Quality of Raw Materials of our Quality Management System.

That operating way, together with the strict quality controls of end item (additives), will allow to guarantee to the cement manufacturer the exact composition and properties us of all our additives, supply after supply.