Research and selection of suppliers of the raw materials employed in the manufacture of your products, and negotiation with these suppliers. Top optimization of prices, conditions of payment and delivery times.

Control of raw materials stocks. Orders of supply according to the production plans.

Reception and visual control of the merchandise. Check of delivery notes and documentation. Unloading with own means in our facilities.

Verification of the certificates of analysis of quality of the merchandise, and/or internal quality control tests of that merchandise.

Storage of the raw materials in the most suitable conditions. Safety plans. Environmental care measures.

Administration, warehouse management, and residues management.


Design and implementation of  production plans to the measure of your needs. Permanent control and supervision of those plans.

Safety plans, which guarantee the suitable handling of the products during all the stages of the process, observing the different norms and regulations in matter of industrial safety.

Environmental care plans.

Manufacture of the products according to your technical specifications and plans of quality.

Stocks control of final products, and maintenance of security stocks for each product, on the basis of estimations of consumption.

Management of wastes. 


Constant verification of the critical parameters of quality during the process of manufacture, by means of systems of quality control in line.

Complete analysis of final product in our laboratories, according to technical specifications and/or applicable Norms in its case.

Issue of Certificates of Analysis with each delivery of product. Laboratory daily registries of the quality control tests. 


Storage of products in bulk, in sealed tanks (heated if it is needed), made of stainless steel or polyester reinforced with fiberglass, which are put under a program of periodic cleaning, that guarantees the perfect conservation of the products. The cleaning operations include the taking samples or residues/sediments of tank´s internals, and chemical and microbiological analyses of these samples, in order to detect and avoid possible processes of contamination along the time.

Products storage, in containers of 1,000 L and/or in cans (metallic or plastic) from 25L to 200L. PROQUICESA Toll Manufacturing Division would manage the purchase of these containers and/or cans, and of their filling and labeling with the labels supplied by the client.

In both cases (bulk or packages), will be guaranteed the perfect preservation of the products, as well as the total fulfillment of the applicable safety measures.


Management of supplies to customers, orders of delivery and transport.

Reception and load, with our own means, of cistern-trucks and/or lorries. Issue of delivery notes, bills of lading, etc., needed for the transport according to the applicable regulations in each case, and issue of many other documents required by the customer, such as certificates of analysis (quality control) of the merchandise.

Coordination and control of the transport operations until the arrival of the merchandise at customer sites.


Depending on the kind of products, PROQUICESA Toll Manufacturing offers in addition the possibility of collaborating with your company in the matter of R&D, in order to study potential improvements in your products / formulations, the employment of alternative raw materials, etc. In this regard, we will contribute with our experience and knowledge of the chemical sector, as well as with our technical and human resources in the field of research and development.